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House searched in airport probe
Police outside house in Houston, Renfrewshire
Police sealed off the house at Houston, Renfrewshire
A man has claimed police contacted him about a possible terror suspect hours before the Glasgow Airport attack.

Businessman Daniel Gardiner claimed detectives tried to contact his letting agency, which was believed to have rented a house to one of the suspects.

He said that his company was traced after police tracked phone records linked to the London car bomb attacks.

Police have searched a property rented out by Mr Gardiner's Paisley-based Let-It agency, near Glasgow Airport.

It is thought that the two men suspected of carrying out the attack on the airport had been living there.

Mr Gardiner said: "The police wanted to know why we had dialled a certain phone number.

The card was put through prior to the incident at Glasgow Airport. A couple of hours later they came back to us with a name and we were able to trace their records
Daniel Gardiner

"They had the phone records from the situation down in London. We had made a phone call in regard to the tenant at that house.

"We could find no record of contacting that number but the police had got detailed phone analysis."

Police have refused to comment on reports that one of the men involved in the Glasgow incident was a hospital doctor but Mr Gardiner said his tenant had been seen wearing a stethoscope.

Mr Gardiner said police contacted the company on Saturday afternoon, asking someone to get in touch as soon as possible.

Police find a phone link between the London bombings and a house near Glasgow Airport
About 1300 BST Saturday: Police leave a calling card at the Paisley lettings agency
About 1500 BST: Agency staff contact police
1515 BST: Attack at Glasgow Airport
Later that day: House cordoned off and searched

He said: "A card was put through one of my colleague's door, asking if we would contact them.

"He had been out for a couple of hours and found the note when he got back at 1505 BST.

"The card was put through prior to the incident at Glasgow Airport. A couple of hours later they came back to us with a name and we were able to trace their records."

A Jeep packed with gas canisters was driven into the entrance of Glasgow Airport at 1515 BST on Saturday.

Controlled explosion

The driver of the Cherokee is being treated for serious burns at Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital, where he is under arrest by armed police.

A 27-year-old man was also arrested by police and is being held at a high-security police station in Glasgow.

Mr Gardiner said the suspect tenant had a six-month lease on the house in Neuk Crescent, Houston.

He said the man was seen leaving the house wearing a stethoscope and was thought to be a doctor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

A controlled explosion was carried out on Sunday on a car left at the RAH. Police said it was linked to the airport attack.

Let-It was only aware that one man was living in the house, as it only had one tenant on their records.

Police interviewed staff at the Let-It office and took away all documentation about the tenant of the house in Houston.

The police have sealed off the address and spent the day searching the property for clues about the bomb plots.

Mr Gardiner said: "They took away anything that could relate to the case, such as credit details and contact details.

"They were wearing rubber gloves in case there were any fingerprints."

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