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Asylum pupils awarded top marks
Pupils - generic
The study found that asylum seeker pupils performed very well
Children from asylum seeker families have overcome language barriers and racism to outperform Scots pupils in national exams, according to a report.

A major report by HM Inspectorate of Education found that many of the children of asylum seekers in the Glasgow area did not speak English.

However, in primary school, they became as good at reading, writing and maths as other average children.

In Standard and Higher grades, they were found to outstrip their peers.

Inspectors praised much of the work done by schools and colleges to help the youngsters develop.

However, they highlighted the frustration of pupils who wanted to go on to university.


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Asylum seeker children are treated as overseas students and have to pay tuition fees which can range from 8 to 26,000 a year.

Their parents are unable to help, as asylum seekers are not allowed to take on paid jobs.

The report flagged up examples of good practice throughout the report.

It commended Glasgow's All Saints Secondary School where the head teacher personally welcomed and enrolled children of asylum seekers.

Ready to move

The report said: "The school uniforms were made available for children so that they could immediately feel they belonged to the school community.

"They were first placed in the international unit where their learning and emotional needs were assessed by staff.

"This assessment contributed to the development of a personal learning plan for each pupil.

"Children remained in the unit until they were ready to move into mainstream classes.

"Staff in the international unit welcomed pupils back at any time and provided advice to mainstream teachers throughout the school."

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