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Last Updated: Friday, 8 December 2006, 13:23 GMT
By-election win for Labour Party
A ballot box
Scotlland may have witnessed its last first-past-the-post by-election
Labour has won what could be Scotland's last first-past-the-post council by-election.

Candidate John Caldwell saw the Labour majority over the SNP in the Renfrewshire ward of Elderslie fall from 654 to 65 votes.

As a result, it retained control of Renfrewshire Council, where it now has 20 seats on the 40 seat council.

Next May's local government elections will be held, for the first time, under proportional representation.

Labour held Elderslie following a recount.

Mr Caldwell won with 608 votes, compared to the SNP's 543.

He said: "The butterflies are still going, I am just over the moon.

"I am glad that the Elderslie people saw it in me to vote for me and it's a historic victory as it will probably be the last first-past-the-post election."

SNP leader Alex Salmond MP said the result was beyond the party's wildest expectations.

"This is a massive rejection of Labour and a huge endorsement for the SNP," he added.

The Conservative Party received 198 votes, the Liberal Democrats 159 and the SSP 50 votes. Three ballot papers were rejected.

The by-election follows the death of councillor Jean Goldie.

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