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Kriss community still under siege
By Stephen Stewart
BBC Scotland news website

Kriss Donald's sombre memorial sits among a few bouquets of flowers in a quiet residential street in the southside of Glasgow.

Two years ago, Kriss was taken from here at the start of an ordeal of almost unimaginable horror.

There are few hints that this was the spot where three men abducted the 15-year-old before eventually brutally murdering him.

On Wednesday, the trial of his murderers finally reached its conclusion.

But Pollokshields, the small area where he was abducted, still feels very much like a community under siege.

Residents said Pollokshields was still overshadowed by gang violence

Local shopowners and residents said they fear youth gangs who feel they are completely beyond the law.

On the day that three men were jailed for life for the racially aggravated murder of the Glasgow teenager, many locals were too scared to speak for fear of reprisals.

During the day, the streets bustle with shopkeepers unloading their produce, elderly people doing their shopping and schoolchildren making their way to classes.

At night, it is a different story, according to locals.

Young men gather on street corners or drive around in suped-up cars with their stereos blaring.

The effect, especially on older people, can be intimidation and a culture of fear.

Getting into mischief

One elderly local woman said: "I am glad Kriss Donald's murderers were caught and brought to justice.

"I don't think something like that will happen again. But there are too many young men in this area with time on their hands getting into mischief.

"I don't feel safe at night walking the streets and I make sure I am in my house by six o' clock."

Another resident said many people were too scared to confront the gangs who still seek to dominate the area.

They cut off the finger of one of my constituents and put it in a jar
Shaukat Butt

Glasgow councillor Shaukat Butt, was outspoken in his condemnation of the Faisal Mushtaq, Zeeshan Shahid and his brother Imran Shahid, who had denied murdering Kriss in 2004.

The Labour member for the city's Kingston ward has lived on the southside for more than 40 years.

He said: "They did so many things and got away with it so many times. They cut off the finger of one of my constituents and put it in a jar.

"That's the kind of people they are. I'm not happy with the sentences - I don't think they should ever be allowed out. They should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

"If this was some other country, then it would have been the death sentence for them.

"A young boy lost his life because of these thugs."

Good work

Bashir Ahmad, the Pollokshields East councillor, said all the people in the area had joined together to condemn any criminal acts carried out there.

He said the communities in this part of Glasgow had a history of positively working together.

Mr Ahmad added: "Despite the attempts of some from outside the area to undermine this good work, I know that we can all continue to work together for the benefit of everyone in Pollokshields and Glasgow."



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