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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 13:14 GMT
Multicultural community 'united'
Kriss Donald's abduction and murder shocked multicultural Pollokshields in Glasgow's south side.

Here, three community figures give their perspectives on his death and the conviction of those responsible.

Safia Ali, of the Pollokshields Development Agency, said the murderers were "notorious".

Kriss Donald's death was a thing of extreme horror, we could not actually believe it would happen on our doorstep.

Safia Ali
Safia Ali said many in Pollokshields were scared of the murderers

The family was very well known in the area and there was a lot of shock in the community, people were horrified.

His death was a huge loss to us, to young people and to the innocence of youth.

Those responsible have possibly been in a chain of events in their lives, they have come, from a very early age, from the wrong side of the path.

They haven't had support so we could have nipped it in the bud at an early age and they've gone on to hard crime.

They are not seen as role models, they are seen as troublemakers.

Young people are very impressionable and a lot of young people are very scared of people in that position.

The community will be happy in the sense that justice has been done, they have been a huge influence on this community, they are notorious.

People were horrified, shocked and disgusted by what these people had done to this young boy.

Archie Graham is a southside Labour councillor and an anti-racism campaigner.

He said people had been united in their condemnation of the Kriss Donald murder.

Archie Graham
Archie Graham said people had come together in grief

Many of my constituents have said that community relations have not been affected by the murder and trial.

They have commented on how terrible a case it was. The tragedy of it is that a young person has lost his life.

When an asylum seeker was killed in Sighthill, people said there would be a backlash and that never came to pass.

I think it will be the same now. People are actually more tolerant than they are normally given credit for.

There are good and evil in all sections of society and in all races. To suggest that one race is all good or all evil is in itself inherently racist.

Habib Malik is the manager of an international aid charity called Islamic Relief.

He said communities in Scotland recognise it is a multicultural nation.

Asian people are upset about what had happened to Kriss Donald.

Habib Malik
Habib Malik said the atmosphere in Pollokshields is stable

They are hoping it doesn't lead to future instability and they are anxious to unite.

They are happy justice has been done and they can move on.

One thing we can do is work together and form strong bonds in the community.

Scotland is a community that has welcomed Asians and people from other countries.

The love each other, they are happy, it is a true multicultural community.

They recognise the future of Scotland is multicultural.

People were scared after the murder, the atmosphere was very disturbed but it is now stable.



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