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Kriss Donald case: Key figures
A mother's loss

Angela Donald (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Angela Donald, 42, attended the trial every day. Left court during harrowing evidence from a pathologist. Shouted "bastards" as the accused were convicted.

Racists and murderers

Mohammad Faisal Mushtaq (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Faisal Mushtaq, 27, also known as Beck, called a friend asking for somewhere to "sort out" Kriss Donald. He claimed police had it in for him and denied any involvement.

Imran Shahid (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Imran Shahid, 29, nicknamed Baldy, lodged a special defence of incrimination and accused a number of other men of murder. His DNA was found on a jacket in a car used to abduct Kriss.

Zeeshan Shahid (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Zeeshan Shahid, 28, known as Crazy, fled to Pakistan but claimed he was on business. Gave evidence in his defence and denied he was in hiding from police.

Daanish Zahid (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Daanish Zahid, 22, jailed for 17 years after being convicted of Kriss's murder. He refused to give evidence at the second trial, claiming his life would be put in danger.

Abduction and denial

Zahid Mohammed (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Zahid Mohammed, 22, jailed for five years in 2004 after admitting he had abducted Kriss. Told how the schoolboy pleaded for his life after he was snatched from a street.

Mohammed Maqsood, 25, named by Imran Shahid as one of Kriss's murderers. Mr Maqsood told the High Court in Edinburgh he was at a funeral on the day Kriss was abducted.

Trail of evidence

Dr Marjorie Black
Dr Marjorie Black, 44, a pathologist, examined Kriss's body. She found 13 stab wounds and burns. She said it was likely he was restrained when he was stabbed.

Terry Randall
Terry Randall, 58, a forensic expert, said the chances of a jacket taken from the car used in the abduction belonging to anyone other than Imran Shahid were one billion to one.

David Sanderson
David Sanderson, 36, a forensic telecoms expert, charted from mobile phone masts the murderers' movements on their journey from Glasgow to Dundee to the Clyde walkway.

Witnesses to a crime

Jamie Wallace
Jamie Wallace, 22, was with Kriss when he was abducted on 15 March, 2004. He identified Imran Shahid in court as one of the abductors and told how he tried to fight back before escaping.

John Manson, 22, a friend of the Donald family, broke down in court as he told how schoolboy Kriss was attacked by four grown men. He heard Kriss shouting: "I am only 15. Let me go."

Hafeez Anwar, 34, said he saw Zeeshan Shahid place a black bin bag on the ground, burst it open and set fire to the items inside. Said he was asked to buy petrol by Crazy.

Legal argument

Lord Uist (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Lord Uist presided over the six-week trial. Told the nine women and six men in the jury that, in considering their verdicts, they should not let feelings of revulsion or sympathy get in the way.

Mark Stewart (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Mark Stewart, advocate depute, delivered a closing speech lasting almost three hours. Described Kriss's death as an "appalling crime of inhumanity against a defenceless boy".

Donald Findlay (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Donald Findlay QC told the jury they had not heard "one single, solitary piece of evidence" that put Faisal Mushtaq at the walkway by the Clyde where Kriss's body was found.

David Burns QC
David Burns QC, defending Imran Shahid, told the jury the key question was whether the Crown had proved beyond a reasonable doubt whether his client was responsible.

Norman Ritchie (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Norman Ritchie QC said Kriss had died a "lonely, frightened death" but said his client Zeeshan Shahid was not responsible. Mr Ritchie questioned the character of key Crown witnesses.



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