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Boy tells jury of Kriss abduction
Kriss Donald
The witnesses said Kriss was driven off in a silver car
A 12-year-old boy and his mother have told the jury in the Kriss Donald murder trial that they witnessed the schoolboy being abducted.

Jordan Dorman, who gave his evidence via CCTV, and his mother Kirsty said they saw an Asian man push Kriss, 15, into a silver car then shout "drive".

Imran Shahid, his brother Zeeshan and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq deny abduction and racially aggravated murder.

Ms Dorman, 36, said she had to tell Kriss' mother about his abduction.

She told the High Court in Edinburgh how she saw the struggle in Kenmure Street, Pollokshields, as she headed for a post office to collect her mother's pension.

I seen a silver car with its back doors open, an Asian gentlemen and a young boy. They were trying to force him into the car
Kirsty Dorman

She she heard a boy shout before he was driven away in a silver car which sped down the street.

Mrs Dorman said she knew Jamie Wallace, who was also involved in the struggle, and he kept shouting "Krypto! Krypto!"

Mrs Dorman later learned from another boy in the street that "Krypto" was a nickname for Kriss Donald - the son of one of her neighbours.

"I went straight into Angela's and asked her what Kriss' nickname was and she said: 'Krypto', "she said.

"I said: 'I am sorry I just seen your son getting kidnapped."

Boy punched

Mrs Dorman said Angela Donald was asking: "What do we do, what do we do?" and they phoned the police.

Questioned by advocate depute Mark Stewart QC, Mrs Dorman said she had heard shouting and turned to look in that direction, near Kenmure Street's bowling green.

She said: "I seen a silver car with its back doors open, an Asian gentlemen and a young boy.

"They were trying to force him into the car and there was another boy at the corner of the bowling green running backwards and forwards."

"He was just a young boy shouting 'I am only 15, I am only 15'. He had a white t-shirt on and jogging bottoms and dark hair."

High Court in Edinburgh
Jordan Dorman gave his evidence via CCTV

She said an Asian man was trying to get the boy into the car. "The boy was putting his hands on the roof of the car and pushing back.

"It lasted maybe 30 seconds.

"The Asian chap punched the boy. His arms gave way and he went in."

She described the attacker as muscular, with hair which was white on top and wearing a white track suit.

Her son Jordan said: "He grabbed him and tried to push him into the car and he used his legs and hands to stop it and he punched him into the car."

Jordan said Jamie Wallace was running backwards and forwards trying to scare the man away.

Jamie's grandmother, Barbara Wallace, 78, said she saw the attack from her window.

"I saw Jamie and he was kind of dancing about. I thought of football because he usually plays with Asian chaps. He has quite a lot of friends."

Loud explosion

Then she saw her grandson looking up and shouting: "Help me, help me."

Later, Jamie was in tears as he told her: "It was Kriss. Baldy has got him."

Guitar teacher David Dickson, 32, told how he lived in a flat in Great George Street, near Byres Road, in March 2004 and his window looked out onto Granby Lane.

"We heard a loud explosion outside the window. I saw a car on fire and two men running away from the car."

The court heard that he later told the police one of the running men was Asian. He thought the other man was white. He could only see the tops of their heads and one of the men may have had short blonde hair.

The trial at the High Court in Edinburgh continues.

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