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Family absence thwarts dawn raid
The Uzun family
The Uzun family were not at home during the attempted raid
An attempted dawn raid in Glasgow has been abandoned because the family who were due to be removed were out protesting against recent raids.

Members of the Uzun family, who live in Scotstoun, had joined a protest against the removal of a Congolese family to Dungavel Detention Centre on Monday.

Gokce Uzun said her siblings were the only people at home on Tuesday morning.

The Home Office said it would not allow protests to halt the removal of people "who have no right to be here".

Campaigners have now renewed calls for the implementation of a protocol on raids.

Gokce Uzun
I saw the immigration buses while I was on the protest but I didn't know they had come for us
Gokce Uzun

Frank MacMaster, a local community worker, said: "Dawn raids continue to have this whole community in Kingsway Court living in fear.

"It's very disappointing that nothing has been done, despite the assurances we have had about a protocol.

"It's not only the adults that are being affected, it's the children as well, who have seen their friends detained and in some cases deported."

Ms Uzun, a Kurdish Turk, said: "We were outside at the protest and my brother and sister were at home when the immigration officials came to the house.

"I had seen immigration buses before and I saw them while I was on the protest but I didn't know they had come for us."

An angry resident confronts a police officer during the attempted raid
An angry resident confronts a police officer during the attempted raid

In a tearful outburst, protester Amal Azaddin, a 16-year-old Drumchapel High pupil, told BBC Scotland: "We're protesting peacefully because during these past two weeks, four families have been moved from the area."

Ms Azaddin was one of a group of young women dubbed the Glasgow Girls after their campaign against the dawn raid and deportation of the Vucaj family last year.

Following that case, First Minister Jack McConnell said measures would be put in place to ensure that all cases were "handled more sensitively".

Ms Azaddin said she shared a class with Ms Uzun.

'Carefully risk-assessed'

"I just want to ask Mr McConnell what is going on," she said.

"He promised us that before families were removed, teachers and social workers would be contacted."

"He gave us a promise, why did he not fulfil it?"

A Home Office spokesman said: "Any operation requiring the removal of a family from the UK is carefully risk-assessed with all health and safety factors being properly considered.

"This risk assessment also includes liaising with police regarding community issues before action is taken.

"However, we have made it perfectly clear that whilst we respect the right to peaceful protest, we will not allow this to frustrate our intention to remove individuals who have no right to be here."

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