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Schoolboy murder trial under way
Kriss Donald
Schoolboy Kriss Donald, whose body was found in March 2004
The trial of three men accused of the racially-motivated abduction and murder of a Glasgow schoolboy has begun.

Mohammed Mushtaq, 27, and Zeeshan Shahid, 28, have pleaded not guilty.

Imran Shahid, 29, also pleaded not guilty and lodged a special defence of incrimination, blaming others for the murder of 15-year-old Kriss Donald.

All three are accused of abducting and murdering Kriss in March 2004 by striking him with knives or similar instruments, then setting him on fire.

Six men and nine women have been sworn in as jurors.

The jury was shown pictures of a scarred and partly-clothed body.

The photographs and video footage were shot by police scenes-of-crime officers.

'Disturbing nature'

Scenes-of-crime examiner William Galloway, 58, told how he was called to the Clyde Walkway on 16 March, 2004.

Before continuing, advocate depute Mark Stewart QC, prosecuting, said he intended to show photos to the jury "which may be of a disturbing nature".

Mr Galloway confirmed that his pictures showed the figure of a person in a muddy hollow in the ground, at the edge of the path.

"There appears to be no clothing on the top half of the body," said Mr Stewart.

The police photographer confirmed that apart from some remnants of clothing round the midriff and a single shoe the mud-stained body was naked.

Mr Stewart produced another picture and asked: "Without dwelling on the photo, it is a view of the body showing more clearly the scarring on the body?"

Mr Galloway told him: "That is correct."

High Court sign
Jurors were shown photographs on the first day of the trial

He also said he had photographed what appeared to be blood stains on nearby gravel.

The jury was further shown pictures of a burnt-out Mercedes found in Granby Lane, Hillhead, Glasgow.

Scenes-of-crime examiner Kirsty Denholm, who took the pictures, said there appeared to be spots of blood on the abandoned car, which police colleagues had marked as a stolen vehicle.

The charge against the three men alleges they were acting with two other men - Daanish Zahid and Zahid Mohammed - when they seized Kriss on 15 March, 2004, in Kenmure Street, Pollokshields.

They are said to have punched and kicked him and bundled him into a vehicle.

Imran Shahid has lodged a special defence blaming Daanish Zahid and Zahid Mohammed "and others" for the murder.

Blood sample

The charge goes on to allege that Kriss was held against his will, threatened with a screwdriver, hammer and a knife, which was twisted against his body.

The attackers are also alleged to have told him they had a gun.

They allegedly tied him up and then drove him to various locations including Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, Dundee and finally to the Clyde Walkway in Glasgow, where he was said to be cut and set alight.

The charge against the three men also alleges that the offence was racially aggravated.

All three further deny acting in a racially aggravated manner at Glasgow Sheriff Court on 16 March, shouting racial abuse, swearing and spitting.

Zeeshan Shahid denies spitting in a woman's face, spitting at a man and head butting another man.

Imran Shahid also faces charges of assaulting detectives in Glasgow's London Road police office on 5 October last year and attempting to pervert the course of justice by jumping on a blood sample in a bid to destroy it.

The trial has been adjourned until Wednesday.

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