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Severed arm woman leaves hospital
Gillian Gilchrist - picture courtesy of the Scottish Sun
Gillian Gilchrist staggered 100 yards across a field before being found
A woman who lost part of her arm four inches above the wrist after being thrown from a car has left hospital.

Gillian Gilchrist, 29, from Ibrox, Glasgow, was found stumbling on the M8 near Paisley on Sunday.

Ms Gilchrist, a prostitute, was thrown from the car on Arkleston Road at 0150 BST after she was picked up in Glasgow's red light district.

She discharged herself from Glasgow Royal Infirmary and left with journalists from a newspaper.

Detectives from Strathclyde Police had spent time interviewing her, trying to find out more about the assault they described as a horrific murder attempt.

After she was thrown from the car, Ms Gilchrist stumbled 100 yards across a field and onto the westbound M8.

I just pray this is the wake-up call she needs - we will all be there to help her
Stepmother Anne Gilchrist

The man who found her was travelling in a taxi and does not want to be named.

He told BBC Scotland: "Suddenly the taxi brakes and there was this woman in the road. She was covered in blood.

"I ran to help her and called 999 and tried to get her off the motorway, it was then I noticed she had no arm.

"It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen, I put my jacket around her and gave her first aid."

Detectives said Ms Gilchrist had got into a dark coloured car with a man in Holm Street at Wellington Street, in the heart of the red light district.

He drove to Arkleston Road near to Arkleston Cemetery, on the outskirts of Paisley, where he threw her from the car.

Doctors were unable to reconnect her arm.

Detective Inspector Steven Wilson
I would urge the driver of the vehicle to come forward and give us his side of the story
Det Insp Steven Wilson

Her sister Debbie, 21, told the Scottish Sun: "I don't understand why someone would want to do that to a lassie.

"In a way Gillian is lucky because she could well be dead.

"She has a second chance - I'll take her in and try and straighten her out."

Her stepmother Anne Gilchrist, 45, told the newspaper: "We have tried so hard to get her off the streets.

"I just pray this is the wake-up call she needs - we will all be there to help her."

The Daily Record Glasgow PM edition has offered a 10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the attacker.

Driver appeal

Police have urged the driver to come forward.

Map showing Holm Street Glasgow and Arkleston Road, near Paisley

Detective Inspector Steven Wilson said: "I would urge the driver of the vehicle to come forward and give us his side of the story.

"This incident is being treated as a serious crime and we want to investigate all angles fully to establish the exact nature.

"It's inevitable that we will trace this driver but would like him to speak to us of his own volition."

It is believed the man was in his 40s.

Mr Wilson added: "There are reports a person was seen running through the trees near Arkleston Cemetery around the time of the incident.

"We are extremely keen to speak to anyone who may have information relating to this."

Meanwhile, street workers' groups have reissued safety advice to prostitutes.

Anne Wallace, of the Salt and Light Ministry, said: "If you need to do it, please be safe and make sure someone takes registration numbers.

"Make sure someone knows exactly who you are going with and you don't make yourself vulnerable, and you work inside the camera system rather than outwith it."

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