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Sheridan 'call girl' breaks down
Fiona McGuire
Fiona McGuire she had not given a full description of events
An ex-call girl who said she had an affair with former Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan broke down in the witness box and swore at his lawyer.

Fiona McGuire, 32, told a court she was put under intense pressure by the News of the World before it published an account of the relationship in 2004.

She was giving evidence Court of Session in Edinburgh where Mr Sheridan is suing the tabloid for defamation.

The MSP has said stories published about his sex life were untrue.

When questioned by Graeme Henderson, representing Mr Sheridan, Miss McGuire admitted she was distressed to learn that News of the World reporter Douglas Wight had taped phone conversations without her knowledge.

She also said she had since attempted suicide, been attacked, escaped abduction and had her car vandalised.

Moments later, she launched a tirade against Mr Henderson after he named Sunday Mail journalist Charles Lavery as a reporter she had been in contact with.

Miss McGuire said: "I have been a nervous bloody wreck these past three weeks.

"I have seen two different doctors.

"I have a psychiatrist involved because I tried to commit suicide again.

"I was with Douglas Wight and I shoved a heap of pills into my mouth and he grabbed me and had to make me sick."

'Ploughing on'

She said a man had been charged in connection with the attempted abduction and expressed disbelief that Mr Henderson had linked her to another journalist when she had earlier expressed concern about the reporter's identity being made public.

She told Mr Henderson: "I have been through all that and you are still ploughing on."

Judge Lord Turnbull suggested the jury at the Court of Session in Edinburgh should take an early lunch to allow her to recover.

The court heard Miss McGuire was paid 20,000 for her story.

She was put up in a hotel for three weeks while waiting to give evidence and the newspaper has been paying for her to have flying lessons.

Earlier, Miss McGuire admitted she did not give a full account of her alleged affair to the News of the World.

She also told the court she supplied the story to the News of the World despite the paper's claim it came from a friend.

The original article, published in November 2004, claimed she and Mr Sheridan enjoyed champagne and strawberries before they had sex.

'Cocaine fuelled'

On Wednesday, Miss McGuire, from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, said the sex session also involved two women and a man.

She also said all five participants had taken cocaine during the orgy in an Aberdeen hotel in 2000.

Graeme Henderson, representing Mr Sheridan, suggested she had given a false description to the newspaper

Miss McGuire said: "It is not a false description, but it is certainly not a full description."

Mr Henderson said: "This appears to be an account of what a pal said.

"Was there ever a pal?"

Miss McGuire replied: "No."

The junior advocate said: "Was this information supplied by you?"

The witness said: "Yes."

The case continues.

Watch the latest report from the Court of Session

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