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Tribunal rules in mother's favour
Pregnant woman - generic
Miss Smith said her pregnancy was "tarnished"
A mother who lost her job a week after discovering she was pregnant has been awarded 18,000 in compensation.

Karen Smith, 26, was dismissed as a trainee sales administrator with automatic door firm Premier Systems (Scotland) Ltd on 11 March last year.

A Glasgow employment tribunal ruled that her dismissal because of pregnancy was unfair.

Miss Smith, who had suffered post-natal depression, said she was "really happy" with the result.

She had worked at the company's Wishaw office from June 2004 until her dismissal.

It was really, really hard at the beginning but it has all worked out well in the end
Karen Smith

Speaking after the ruling, she said: "I am just glad I stood up to them and defended myself.

"Obviously my pregnancy was tarnished and it was really, really hard at the beginning but it has all worked out well in the end. I told the truth and the tribunal believed me. It is a good result."

Miss Smith, of Coatbridge, told the tribunal she was extremely excited when she discovered she was pregnant last March.

Shortly afterwards Miss Smith was told she had to go and that her employers would send out her wages in lieu of notice the following week.

The company said her poor sales performance was behind its decision.

'Extremely unpleasant'

That weekend she was admitted to hospital suffering from high blood pressure and was concerned about her baby's health.

She suffered panic attacks and was unable to take regular medication because of her pregnancy before her baby Robbie was born.

At the tribunal Miss Smith's former boss, Patrick Montague, said he had no idea she was pregnant.

But the tribunal said the "inescapable inference which could be drawn by the tribunal was that the claimant was dismissed by reason of her pregnancy".

Tribunal chairman Ian McFatridge said: "There was evidence of a psychiatric injury to the claimant and although she appeared to have recovered well she had had an extremely unpleasant time during her pregnancy."

Premier Systems of Garion Business Park, Lanarkshire, was ordered to pay Miss Smith 18,860 compensation, including 8,000 for injury to her feelings.

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