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Driver admits toddler death crash
Melissa McInnes
Melissa McInnes was in her buggy when Raziq crashed into her
A driver has admitted causing the death of an 18-month-old girl by dangerous driving in Paisley.

Mohsin Raziq's Audi TT car crashed into Melissa McInnes on 12 June, 2005 as she was pushed across Renfrew Road in her buggy by her mother.

Raziq, 25, of Muirend, Glasgow, also pleaded guilty to having no licence and no insurance.

Judge Lord Menzies deferred sentence and said: "A custodial disposal is very much at the forefront of my mind."

Raziq, 25, admitted causing Melissa's death by driving dangerously, at excessive speed and failing to observe people on the road.

Melissa's death would have been very rapid
Prosecutor Vinit Khurana

Melissa was crossing the road with her mother and grandmother when she was hit.

Police accident examiners estimated Raziq would have been able to see them crossing from 220m away.

He only began braking when he was 25m away from them.

At the point of impact his speed was estimated to be between 33mph and 38mph.

Melissa's pushchair was thrown 30m and Raziq's car hit a crash barrier.

Moshin Raziq
Moshin Raziq was driving his mother's car when he crashed

Vinit Khurana, prosecuting, added: "Melissa's death would have been very rapid.

"The impact on Melissa's mum has been colossal.

"Melissa was her only child and she is still deeply upset."

The court was told that the family were crossing at traffic lights which had been installed but were apparently not in operation on the day of the accident.

The court also heard that Raziq, a self-employed businessman has previous convictions for driving with no licence or insurance and was banned for six months in 2002.

He was released on bail.

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