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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 May 2006, 16:29 GMT 17:29 UK
False ID illegal immigrant jailed
Paisley Sheriff Court
Paisley Sheriff Court heard Karim lived a double life for four years
An illegal immigrant who adopted a false ID and someone else's national insurance number has been jailed for 16 months at Paisley Sheriff Court.

Algerian Gasmi Adbel Karim, 42, gained student grants and loans totaling more than 31,000 and employment with Perth's social work department.

His cover was blown when he fell out with his girlfriend and she lifted the lid on his double life.

Karim, of Paisley, admitted forming a fraudulent scheme.

He first came to the UK in 1984 but was not granted leave to stay.

He should have returned home in 1985.

'Out of thin air'

Instead, he pretended to be French and adopted the name Renaud Louis Sarda.

He plucked an NI number "out of thin air" and made a new life for himself in the UK.

The court was told he was frightened to return to Algeria as he had been part of a group which spoke out against the country's political situation.

He obtained student fees, grants and loans totalling 31,375 and embarked on a course at the University of Paisley.

He also worked for the social work department in Perth using the false details.

He is currently still applying for leave to remain in the UK and appeal proceedings are due be heard on 5 June.

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