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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 May 2006, 20:28 GMT 21:28 UK
Warning to water hydrant vandals
Damaged water valve
Hundreds of water valves are regularly damaged across Scotland
Firefighters have warned that vandalism to water hydrants in Glasgow is endangering lives.

About 100 of the water valves have been damaged in Parkhead and Easterhouse areas since the beginning of May.

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service said people could die in a house fire if crews were unable to access water to tackle the blaze.

It has warned that parents could be fined 500 if their child is caught tampering with hydrants.

The situation was described as "very dangerous" by Steve King, the fire service manager for north-east Glasgow.

He said: "Quite simply, peoples' lives are at risk.

"Young people and adults have to realise that fire crews need water to put fires out.

"With hydrants being set off, there is a real possibility that someone will die in a house fire because crews can't get water to fight a fire."

He urged parents and children to think about the danger they were causing.

He added: "It's disappointing that the east end is facing this needless danger. There's a house fire every day in this area."

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