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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 23:54 GMT 00:54 UK
Single mother wins shifts claim
A single mother has settled an indirect sex discrimination case with Strathclyde Joint Police Board.

Elizabeth Devine, 45, challenged a change to her shift pattern on the grounds she would be unable to work night shift due to child care issues.

She said: "I am delighted that it has been recognised that I was not treated in a fair and reasonable manner."

Ms Devine had worked as a force support officer for eight years and settled her case for an undisclosed sum.

'Parental responsibilities'

She added: "To other single parents who may face similar situations, support is available.

"I would like to thank the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) Scotland for all their support and advice."

Ms Devine's shift pattern was changed to include a night shift when she moved to her home town police office in Cumbernauld.

As a single parent she was unable to arrange childcare and challenged the decision.

She has since left Strathclyde Police.

Muriel Robison, director of legal affairs EOC Scotland, said: "This case highlights that an enforced change of shift patterns has a major impact on parents and single parents in particular, with childcare responsibilities.

"Too often employers neglect to take into account the responsibilities of parents and carers."

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