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Richey wants to be back in prison

Kenny Richey
Kenny Richey said he was hoping to be treated in hospital

Former death row Scot Kenny Richey said he misses being behind bars and that he actually wants to be back in prison again.

The 44-year-old said he has "severe" post-traumatic stress disorder.

He said he was trying to arrange hospital treatment to help him overcome the condition so he could move on with his life.

Richey was released from a US jail and returned to Scotland last year after 21 years awaiting execution.

Richey, who is living back in Edinburgh, said he felt some nostalgia for his time in prison.

He told Real Radio Scotland: "It sounds crazy but I actually miss it. I don't know what it is, I just feel that I want to be in again.

I don't really like the person I've become
Kenny Richey

"I guess I miss the routine and the discipline."

However Richey questioned why he was not released on bail while awaiting trial in Scotland, saying that anyone else in the same situation would have been given bail.

And he does not like the effect his years in prison had on his personality.

"Over the years I think I've picked up the American traits. There's an arrogance I can't stand, to be honest with you.

"I don't really like the person I've become. I tend to hate myself actually.

"I don't subconsciously seek any trouble. I try to avoid trouble as much as possible.

"I don't go out looking for fights or anything else. They come to me."

Mental health

Last week Richey walked free from a Scottish court after about seven months in custody awaiting trial on assault and robbery charges, which were later dropped.

He admitted a breach of the peace but was admonished at the High Court in Paisley on Friday by Judge Lord McEwan who said he had suffered enough.

Richey said his experience had affected his mental health and he wanted to sort out his problems so he could focus on the future.

He told the radio station: "I've been to see a psychologist about it and he's the one that diagnosed me with severe post- traumatic stress syndrome.

"I'm trying to get checked into a hospital in Ayrshire - so hopefully I can arrange that and after that, I don't know.

"I'd like a job."

Richey was put on death row in January 1987 after being convicted of an arson attack in which a two-year-old girl died.

The former Marine was freed after reaching a plea deal in 2007 with US prosecutors and has been back in the UK since January 2008.

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