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Jail for child porn social worker

Kevin Glancy
Kevin Glancy was fired from his Edinburgh City council job

A social worker has been jailed for 15 months for owning hundreds of photographs and videos of child porn.

Kevin Glancy, who worked with children and families for Edinburgh City Council, had 239 pictures and 70 video clips of children being abused.

About 30 of the images showed the most extreme level of abuse, level five.

Glancy pled guilty in August at Edinburgh Sheriff Court to possessing indecent pictures or pseudo-photographs of children at his home on 2 March.

On Monday, Glancy, 45, was placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

You are part of the audience that perpetrates that such abuse is sustained
Sheriff Elizabeth Jarvie

Sheriff Elizabeth Jarvie said she was satisfied that prison was the only option for Glancy, who was fired from his job after the offences came to light.

"Its quite clear that the children involved here had been the subject of serious abuse," said the sheriff.

"You are part of the audience that perpetrates that such abuse is sustained."

Police, acting on a tip-off, searched Glancy's home and seized two computers and a laptop and found the indecent images stored in his hard drive.

He was arrested on 5 March and admitted he had been accessing child porn on the internet for three years.

He told officers he like to look at the images in his free time and named a website he used to download the illegal material.

Severe levels

Most of the children featured were boys aged eight to 15.

The video clips showed moderate to severe levels of abuse, the court was told.

Solicitor Eddie Wilson, defending, said Glancy had acted professionally at work and was deemed to be at low risk of re-offending.

"He's completely lost his employment, he won't be able to work again in any of his fields," Mr Wilson added.

Sheriff Jarvie had asked for details of the suffering shown by the children in the pictures and videos.

"Having taken account of the amount and nature of the images, both still and moving, that you accessed and viewed and standing that a number of these images were at level four and some 30 images were at level five, I am quite satisfied that no sentence other than a custodial one is appropriate," she added.

Social worker admits porn charge
02 Oct 08 |  Edinburgh, East and Fife

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