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Permanent tram road plan unveiled

Edinburgh tram in Princes Street (artist impression)
Trams will run along Princes Street from 2011

Plans to stop traffic travelling along Princes Street at night have been unveiled as part of the permanent road layout along Edinburgh's tram route.

The city centre thoroughfare already has a car ban during the day.

Shandwick Place would become a public transport corridor with access only to trams, buses, taxis and cyclists under the Edinburgh City Council proposals.

The changes would be made from Haymarket to Leith once trams are operational in 2011.

Information evenings, starting next week, will show parking, loading and traffic flow plans for residents.

The left turn from Lothian Road on to Shandwick Place would also be removed.

This has been a lengthy process and a lot of detailed work has been undertaken to get the road layout correct.
Phil Wheeler
Edinburgh City Council

Under the proposals there would be no vehicle access from Grosvenor Street into the Haymarket junction.

Canning Street would become one-way north bound for taxis only.

Parking and loading would be removed from the south side of West Maitland Street, between Torphichen Street and Morrison Street.

Tram stops are proposed for Haymarket Terrace, adjacent to Haymarket Station and Shandwick Place, adjacent to Atholl and Coates Crescent Gardens.

The tram stop would be located west of the Mound between Hanover Street and Frederick Street. Loading times for shops and businesses would be altered, with access proposed between 2000 BST and 0700 BST.

Mound junction

Frederick Street would be reopened to buses, taxis and cyclists.

All right and left turns at the Mound junction would be prohibited.

Tram Stops are proposed for the East side of St Andrew Square and Picardy Place, east of Broughton Street.

Parking on the east and west sides of St Andrew Square would be removed.

The west side of St Andrew Square would be made two-way for general traffic.

The east side of St Andrew Square will be predominately used for trams and access traffic.

St Andrew Street would be closed to general traffic at both ends at Princes Street and York Place.

The roundabout at Picardy Place would be replaced with traffic signals that incorporate a pedestrian area next to the tram stop.

Any permanent changes to the road network require new traffic regulation orders to be in place.

Once this informal stage is completed, the formal statutory process, which allows people with concerns to have their views recorded, will begin during 2009.

Phil Wheeler, Edinburgh City Council transport convener, said: "It's imperative that other road users are suitably accommodated when trams are up-and-running on our streets.

"This has been a lengthy process and a lot of detailed work has been undertaken to get the road layout correct.

"I am pleased that these emerging proposals are now being shared with local residents and businesses ahead of the statutory process.

"Designing and building a tram system to operate in a thriving city centre like Edinburgh presents many challenges."

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