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Man admits foster care sex abuses

Kenneth Wilson
Wilson has been released on bail ahead of sentencing

Two young boys were subjected to years of sex abuse after being placed in foster care, a court has heard.

Kenneth Wilson, from Dunbar, East Lothian, preyed on the boys from the age of five and six after "teaching" them how to perform sex acts.

Wilson, aged 27, admitted sexually assaulting one youngster over a nine-year period and indecent behaviour towards a second boy.

Sentencing at the High Court in Edinburgh was deferred for reports.

The victims' carer pleaded not guilty to charges of neglecting and ill treating children which the crown accepted.

Behaviour deteriorated

Advocate depute Claire Wilkinson said: "These offences have had a devastating impact on both victims. They were placed in foster care because of neglect and mistreatment at a very young age, only to find that they were even less safe in their new home.

"Over the years their behaviour deteriorated both at home and at school but this was put down to their difficulties from early childhood, rather than any current issues," she said.

These are serious matters that you have pled guilty to
Temporary Judge Roger Craik QC

The court heard how Wilson was subjecting both children to sexual abuse which took place at a house in the Lothians and abroad.

Miss Wilkinson said: "As the abuse of both commenced when they were very young, the accused taught them what to do and they did not realise that this was not normal behaviour until they were much older."

The younger boy was eventually put into "emergency respite care" with a woman because of his worsening behaviour. He was supposed to stay for a weekend but refused to return to his foster home.

He was later joined by his brother who had run away and told the social work department he did not want to stay there.

Prison likely

The advocate depute said it was only last year that the younger boy felt safe enough to reveal to the woman now looking him after that he had suffered sexual abuse from Wilson. The older boy also broke his silence over his ordeal.

Police and social workers were contacted. Police later interviewed Wilson who at first denied the allegations but later admitted the crimes.

Defence solicitor advocate Jim Keegan said Wilson was aware he was liable to face a prison sentence but asked that the first offender be granted bail.

Temporary judge Roger Craik QC agreed to release him on bail, but said: "These are serious matters that you have pled guilty to."

The judge deferred sentence for the preparation of a background report and risk assessment.

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