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Ticket problems hit Chinese Elvis

Paul Hyu (Chinese Elvis)
Paul Hyu is one of a number of acts that have complained of problems

One of the performers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has accused organisers of incompetence over their ticketing system.

Comedian Paul Hyu, whose Chinese Elvis act is part of a series of shows celebrating Asia, claimed audiences were missing out because of problems.

Organisers plan to review ticketing issues in September after some customers were left without tickets.

Technical problems with a new system have been blamed.

Paul Hyu told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme that the organiser's had made a "glib response which failed to address the problems".

A lot of people are feeling quite let down and it is very frustrating
Paul Hyu aka Chinese Elvis

Mr Hyu added: "Are they aware that the festival will be over by September? People have come a very long way to perform and attend the festival and September is simply too late.

"There are people out there I have spoken to who have made the effort to see my own show and couldn't - this is costing me money and I am sure it is the same for 90% of the other shows out there.

"I've got potentially empty houses due to their [the organiser's] incompetence and people have paid good money for a service that hasn't been delivered.

"A lot of people are feeling quite let down and it is very frustrating."

BBC Scotland's arts correspondent Pauline McLean said a number of other Fringe shows had also reported ticketing problems.

Responding to the complaints, director John Morgan said: "We're selling tickets, audiences are getting in to see shows, and our focus right now is on making the festival continue to flourish.

"When we have the review in September we'll be able to take the time that we will need to examine things properly and to ensure that we are in a much better position next year."

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