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Heard the one about the 12-year-old?

Lisa Summers
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Eros Vlahos
Eros said comedy was a hobby for him

Eros Vlahos thinks he is funny.

But he would. He has been doing stand-up for four years with stints at the Comedy Store in London, Comic Relief and, here is the clue, Blue Peter.

That is because Eros Vlahos is only 12.

He is the youngest stand-up at this year's Edinburgh Fringe and he is hoping his show, Problem Child, will cause a stir.

But it is not going to be easy.

A third of the shows at this year's event are billed as comedy and with a reputation as one of the most prominent "comedy" festivals in the world, it also attracts harsh critics.

Somebody who has seen it all is artistic director of the Assembly Rooms, William Burdett-Coutts, who said: "I think probably 12 is pushing it slightly.

"It's a tough career if you go for it because you are solo, you are on your own, you have to keep your profile up."

Eros though is philosophical.

He said: "I just enjoy it, it's kind of a hobby for me really. It's hard competition because there are thousands of stand-ups out there.

"I've chosen a small venue because if you only have one person, it's still a nice place to do it in."

roy walker
Roy Walker said he still gets nervous
At the other end of the experience spectrum, former Catchphrase host, Roy Walker is making his debut at the Fringe at the age of 68.

He is enjoying a career revival, but thinks Eros will use youth as an advantage.

"I think you can't start young enough, he won't have any fear at that age".

Walker though, admits even a veteran such as himself can be afraid of his first time at the fringe.

"I've worked in front of 20,000. Yes, there's always nerves but not as bad as here."

The fringe's youngest comedian though said, no matter what happens to him at this year's festival he will still make sure he has a laugh.

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