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Comic Corbett unveils bird statue

Ronnie Corbett unveils the statue (Courtesy
The smaller half of the two Ronnie's mounts a stepladder for photos

Comic Ronnie Corbett has unveiled a massive sculpture of an Arctic tern at the Scottish Seabird Centre.

The pint-sized entertainer unveiled the bronze work during a visit to the centre in North Berwick.

The artwork, by wildlife sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood, had been on loan to the centre in 2005 but has since been exhibited abroad.

A Scottish Seabird Centre spokeswoman said: "We are absolutely delighted to have it back.

"It's really a symbol of the sealife here and the Seabird Centre itself.

"It has that iconic feeling about it, like the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen."

His tern

Mr Corbett, one half of the Two Ronnies, was joined by his wife Anne at the unveiling ceremony and has been involved with the centre for many years.

He said: "I've never unveiled a tern or a penguin before so it was quite an innovation for me, although funnily enough, in 'Fierce Creatures', the John Cleese film, I played the keeper of the penguins in that so I've been more accustomed to penguins than terns.

"We've had a house here for about 25 years along in Gullane so we use North Berwick for all our shopping and we love it and love the feeling of being part of a strong community in Gullane and North Berwick.

"The coastline is so lovely and I was born in Edinburgh and educated in Edinburgh so it's hills of home for me really."

The arctic tern is known for its migration cycle. It flies from its Arctic breeding grounds to the Antarctic and back again each year, a journey of 12,000 miles each way.

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