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Jail for biting friend's nose off

John Brash described the nose bite attack

A man who bit off his best friend's nose during a fight in East Lothian has been jailed 40 months.

Charles Cassidy, 20, bit the tip of John Brash's nose off in February in a fight after a party in Tranent.

Cassidy, who pleaded guilty in May to assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement, had earlier squeezed hair removing cream on Mr Brash's head.

Mr Brash, who had hoped to be a model, told BBC Scotland he would never be able to forgive Cassidy.

I said 'Charles you are an animal', and he said 'I will show you an animal' and he just started biting my nose off
John Brash
He now wears a prosthetic nose and faces further surgery later in the year.

Mr Brash said: "He punched me and I fell over, then he got on top of me, put his thumbs in my eyes, I said 'Charles you are an animal', and he said 'I will show you an animal' and he just started biting my nose off.

"At first they tried to stitch my nose back on but after six days it never took basically because it was dead skin.

"It hurts inside knowing that I've lost him as a friend but also it's better having someone like that off the streets in case it happens again to anyone else.

"Doctors are going to cut down from the top of my head and stretch the skin before putting a balloon under to stretch the skin for three weeks in August and I hope it will then look like a new nose."

Extremely painful

Sheriff Isabella McColl said the sentence would have been 48 months if Cassidy had not pled guilty at an early stage.

"Its a very unusual offence, I'm happy to say, and its an appalling offence which mutilated Mr Brash," said the sheriff.

"It must have been extremely painful and he's going to be left with the consequences of that," she added.

The pair were childhood friends and even worked together as roofers.

After falling out at a party, Mr Brash had gone home.

Cassidy phoned him and said he wanted to finish the fight.

Mr Brash agreed and they met at Coalgate roundabout in Tranent and began punching each other.

In May fiscal depute Gillian More told Edinburgh Sheriff Court: "The accused leaned forward, placed his mouth over Mr Brash's nose, bit down hard with his teeth and continued that action for approximately one minute until the nasal tip of Mr Brash's nose ripped off."

Man admits biting friend's nose
20 May 08 |  Edinburgh, East and Fife

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