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Boy who had stroke speaks again

Brandon Yeoman (Pic: Mark Ferguson)
Brandon has been in hospital in Edinburgh since the stroke

A young boy has spoken for the first time in three months after suffering a rare and serious form of stroke.

Eight-year-old Brandon Yeoman from Cowdenbeath, Fife, lost both his sight and his speech when he suffered a near-fatal venous stroke.

He had been continuously sick and lethargic for a week before the stroke.

It was feared he might not speak again but in a speech therapy session he surprised his father Garry by suddenly counting from one to 10.

Brandon was found motionless in his bedroom in February.

He was taken to Kirkcaldy's Victoria Hospital where medics suspected he was suffering from meningitis.

An emergency retrieval team was sent to transfer Brandon to the Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children, where he spent four weeks in intensive care.

'Hello mum'

Brandon lost his sight, speech and use of a leg and an arm.

His parents said they were told by doctors that it could be years until his sight came back.

He is still receiving intensive physiotherapy to help regain use of his limbs.

Brandon's father Garry said: "The speech therapist told Brandon 'if you can count, you can say words'. The next thing he said was 'hello mum'.

"Everyone in the room just burst out crying - it was a wonderful feeling. We hadn't heard him speak in all that time.

"He is getting brighter by the day and his speech is getting better all the time. And he still has his own personality - full of laughter and fun.

"The sight can take a few years - it is the first to go and the last to come back they tell us".

Venous strokes are a rare form of stroke which occur when a vein draining blood out of the brain is blocked. It is not yet known what caused Brandon's case.

Garry added: "He was put in a coma at the hospital in Kirkcaldy before he was transferred, then he spent four weeks in intensive care in Edinburgh.

"We were devastated - absolutely devastated. It was a hammer blow to us.

"He is a very determined wee boy though."

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