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Pledge given over capital's buses

Lothian Buses
Lothian Buses had said it would run out of fuel on Sunday night

Bus services in the Edinburgh area will continue after the weekend, following concerns that the bus company's fuel supplies would run out on Sunday.

Lothian Buses, the main bus company serving the area, had claimed its suppliers, BP, had been instructed to prioritise delivery to petrol stations.

But the Scottish Government said there had been a misunderstanding and that the firm would receive fuel from BP.

Fuel shortages are feared due to the proposed shut down of an oil refinery.

However, a BP spokesman said wholesale customers and retail sites were being treated the same.

He explained: "We are continuing to supply our large wholesale customers with diesel but on a slightly reduced allocation.

"This can happen from time to time depending on supplies.

"BP is doing its best to supply all of its customers with fuel."

A spokesman for Lothian Buses said: "We are now assured that our fuel supplies will be maintained and therefore all services will continue to run as normal."

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