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Bravery boy recalls stab ordeal
Nathan Thomson
Nathan was slashed across the face, leaving a permanent scar

A nine-year-old boy has told how he went to his mother's aid as an armed intruder tried to stab her to death in their Fife home.

First Minister Alex Salmond has backed calls for Nathan Thomson, who was himself stabbed in the face, to be given a bravery award.

Attacker Hugh Clark, 35, was jailed for eight-and-a-half years for the attack on Ena Thomson and her son in Rosyth.

Nathan's parents have both spoken of their pride in their son.

His father Mark Thomson said his wife would have been dead if Nathan had not intervened.

The youngster told BBC Scotland how he had been trying to protect his mother from Clark, who stabbed Mrs Thomson eight times.

"When I came out of my bedroom door I saw my mum getting stabbed by Hugh Clark and I tried to stop him," he said.

I thought mum was going to die
Shannon Thomson

"He got me off of him and he slashed me on the nose."

Nathan was able to flee the house through the back door, while his 12-year-old sister Shannon had to jump from her bedroom window to escape.

She recalled how she had locked herself in her room during the "frightening" incident.

"I thought mum was going to die," she added.

Mrs Thomson said she was very proud of both her children.

Bravery award

"They did really well - I couldn't have done what they did," she said.

However, she described the sentence handed down to Clark as "disgraceful" and "shocking".

Lord Brodie, who sentenced Clark at the High Court in Glasgow on Wednesday, described Nathan as "courageous".

If Nathan hadn't have come running, my wife would have been killed
Mark Thomson

One of Scotland's senior law officers, the solicitor general, has recommended that Nathan be given a bravery award.

Speaking at first minister's questions on Thursday, Mr Salmond added his support to the call.

"I think the whole chamber would want to join with me in congratulating young Nathan Thomson, who intervened to protect his mother - at nine years old - from a vicious assault," he said.

He described Nathan as an "exceptional young man", comments which were echoed by Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander.

Earlier, Mr Thomson told BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme that his son had not talked much about the incident.

Hugh Clark
Hugh Clark admitted a charge of attempted murder

"His sister - who also witnessed it - has been going through counselling," he said.

"Nathan's a happy-go-lucky boy. He doesn't have a care in the world. I think he's actually enjoying the attention now. He saw himself on the TV and started running about the house shouting 'I'm on the telly'.

"I'm sure the bravery award will mean a great deal to him. He's a very special child. I'm extremely proud of him, and my daughter as well."

He added: "If Nathan hadn't have come running, my wife would have been killed."

Clark, from Rosyth, had gone to the family's house after being interviewed by police over an allegation he believed had been made by Mrs Thomson.

Nathan was left with a fractured jaw and 10 stitches running from the tip of his nose to 1mm from his eye after the attack.

Nathan describes how he helped his mother

Boy stabbed trying to save mother
13 Feb 08 |  Edinburgh, East and Fife

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