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Last Updated: Friday, 7 March 2008, 12:47 GMT
Youths being 'wrongly demonised'
Police van
Cllr Kennedy insists youths are not the problem residents perceive
A councillor has insisted that youths cause no major problem in north east Fife, despite complaints from locals.

Margaret Kennedy will spend Friday night with officers in Cupar to identify the the area's problems.

The Lib Dem believes older people are unnecessarily "demonising" youth when the reality is they cause very little trouble within their communities.

Ms Kennedy said it was important the needs of young people were identified and met rather than dismissed.

Quad bikes

She told the BBC Scotland news website: "In Springfield there are young people on quad bikes which are causing upset.

"Perhaps there are ways and means we can allow people to do that in a more controlled way.

There are too many people who demonise youth
Margaret Kennedy
Lib Dem councillor

"It's not about always saying no to young people."

The councillor will join the Cupar Inspector for the evening to identify key problems, but anticipates that the majority will be down to adults drinking alcohol.

While wanting to find out what police officers do spend their time on, Ms Kennedy also wants to know what they do not do.

"I get very irritated by people's attitude that if anything is wrong, it's the youths' fault," she added.

"There are too many people who demonise youth.

"There is a core of people who have challenging behaviour but it may not always be young people who are causing the problems."

Ms Kennedy will take her findings back to the police, fire and safety committee, of which she is the vice-chairwoman.

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