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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 February 2008, 21:35 GMT
Man found guilty of attack on dog
Promenade on Edinburgh's Marine Drive
The attack happened on the promenade in Cramond
An Edinburgh man has been found guilty of a "sickening" attack on a dog, which witnesses claim was kicked like a football while out on a walk.

Martin McNaught, 29, denied causing the cocker spaniel unnecessary suffering by kicking it repeatedly on the head and body, and stamping on its head.

The attack took place on Marine Drive, Cramond, on 6 March last year.

McNaught claimed he lost his temper when the dog kept running away when he was trying to leave for an interview.

Barbara Brewster, 47, who witnessed the attack, told the court how she ran towards the man shouting "Stop it, Stop it".

'Prolonged attack'

She described the attack on the dog as prolonged and added that the dog had been in a state of absolute terror.

"I could not believe anyone could do that to an animal" she said.

Her friend, David Waughman, 47, said the animal was yelping.

The kicking of the dog, he added, was "pretty much like a football match, kicking the ball".

"I think it was the worst attack I have ever seen on a dog."

Sheriff Elizabeth Jarvie, QC, found McNaught not guilty of a further charge of taking and driving away a car without the owner's consent because of a lack of evidence.

However she said she found the witnesses credible and that the attack on the dog was "shocking and cowardly".

Sentencing has been deferred for reports.

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