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Last Updated: Friday, 4 January 2008, 13:24 GMT
Extra staff avert recycling chaos
Tonnes of material for recycling went to landfill last New Year.
Waste managers in Fife insist they have met the Christmas demand for recycling after being criticised last year.

The authority came under fire in 2006 when it failed to anticipate how many people would bring festive paper and card to be recycled.

Long queues formed outside the facility in Dunfermline causing local traffic congestion and staff had to instruct visitors to dump material in skips.

This year, extra staff have been employed to meet the demand.

A campaign was also launched to encourage people to separate their waste for recycling before visiting the centres.

More resources

Much of the chaos last year was caused by people turning up with all their recyclables mixed together.

Other problems were caused by the containers filling up more quickly than they could be emptied.

Although no figures are available yet, Fife Council has said it believed there had been a significant increase in materials being recycled and that none has been sent to landfill.

Environmental Strategy Officer Lesley Sugden told the BBC Scotland news website: "Last year we were the victim of our own success.

"We were swamped last year with demand, trying to get rid of rubbish.

"We have put in lots more resources. The public have been coming up recycling more waste than ever."

Fife Council has made significant changes over the last five years which have seen the amount of waste being recycled increase from 2% to about 40%.

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