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Pair jailed for 'horrific' murder
Greig Maddock and Bryan Boyle
Maddock and Boyle left their burning victim on a pile of rubbish
Two men have been jailed for life for the murder of a father-of-two who was set on fire during a "horrific" attack.

Friends Bryan Boyle, 18, and Greig Maddock, 21, put newspapers in the pockets of Brian Bowie, 35, and set him alight while he was still alive.

Mr Bowie, who was also kicked and stamped on while he lay on the ground, died from his injuries five days later.

Boyle was jailed for a minimum of 15 years and Maddock for at least 12 years at the High Court in Glasgow.

The pair had previously been found guilty of murdering Mr Bowie.

The court was told Mr Bowie, from Dunfermline, had been attacked with a bottle and repeatedly hit on the head with the weapon.

He was dragged from a flat in the town by his attackers as Boyle, who had been sniffing gas, kicked and stamped on him.

These two are monsters and they shouldn't be allowed out. This is not justice.
James Bowie
Brother of victim

The victim was knifed in the thigh, leaving a deep wound that damaged a major vein, and was subjected to a further beating before being set alight after Maddock poured lighter fluid over him.

Mr Bowie was murdered on the night he was due to attend his brother James's 40th birthday party.

The married man, who had daughters aged 13 and 17, was later found by youngsters who heard moaning sounds and found the blackened victim lying on a smouldering pile of pornographic magazines, clothing and other items outside the flats in Inchkeith Drive.

Passing sentence, temporary judge Roger Craik QC told the accused: "This was an appalling course of action. You decided to set fire to your victim while he was still alive, causing horrific injuries from which he died days later."

Outside court, members of Mr Bowie's family said the sentences were "too lenient".

Buckfast bottle

His brother James said: "What they did to my brother was appalling. When I went to visit him in hospital I didn't recognise him.

"He was attacked and then newspapers put in his pockets and set alight. These two are monsters and they shouldn't be allowed out. This is not justice.

"Brian's wife has lost her husband and his daughters have lost their dad. We have lost a lovely brother and son and those two who killed him will still be fairly young when they get out. I'm raging about that."

The court heard that Mr Bowie had been in Boyle's flat for a drink and had been making fun of him about his habit of sniffing gas.

Boyle picked up a tonic wine bottle and repeatedly hit Mr Boyle with it before stamping on his head with his boots.

Brian Bowie
Mr Bowie's skull was fractured in the attack

When Maddock turned up at Boyle's flat, Mr Bowie was dumped outside and then the pair decided to burn him.

Mr Bowie suffered 32% full thickness skin burns over his body as well as serious head wounds, including a fractured skull and brain injury.

Doctors amputated an arm in a vain bid to save him, but he died in St John's Hospital, Livingston, five days after the attack.

Boyle, of Inchkeith Drive, Dunfermline, and Maddock, from Glenrothes, had denied murdering Mr Bowie in the attack on 14 October last year.

The pair, who both have previous convictions for assault, were on probation when they committed the murder.

After leaving Mr Bowie burning, the killers went by train to Glenrothes, where police detained them the following day.

During the journey Maddock had phoned police to make a complaint about a bottle of vodka which had been confiscated by officers earlier that day.

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