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Last Updated: Monday, 16 July 2007, 16:38 GMT 17:38 UK
Royal knights are joust the job
The Knights of Royal England put on a spectacular display
Knights in shining armour showed their steel at the weekend when they staged Scotland's biggest jousting tournament.

Almost 9,000 people flocked to Linlithgow Palace for the two-day event, which saw horses and knights re-enact a medieval tournament.

The event took place in an encampment that featured medieval tents, stocks, the pillory and racks of weapons and lances.

The event featured the Knights of Royal England, the country's top jousters.

The knights, clad in 30kg of armour, rode at each other wielding 14ft wooden lances at speeds of 25mph.

Medieval skills

Nick Finnigan, Historic Scotland events and filming manager, said: "The weekend was a huge success with families from all across the country coming to enjoy the jousting and everything else that was going on.

"There was absolutely fantastic support from the local community, but it also attracted lots of overseas holidaymakers including visitors from France, Germany and Australia, who were delighted to find such a large and spectacular event taking place during their stay.

"Linlithgow Palace makes a fabulous venue and the atmosphere was fantastic, with everyone determined to make the most of the good weather."

The event allowed people to try out medieval skills and crafts, while recruitment for a Kids' Army was also highly popular, with more than 100 youngsters signing up and joining in a parade round the main arena.

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