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Last Updated: Monday, 30 April 2007, 17:37 GMT 18:37 UK
US consulate targeted by vandals
US consulate
Vandals spray painted the building and threw paint at it.
Police in Edinburgh have launched an investigation after the city's American consulate was spray-painted with anti war slogans on Monday.

Graffiti which included the phrases "out of Iraq" and "no war" were written on the door and front steps of the building which sits in Regent Terrace.

The consulate was also marked with red paint during the attack, which police believe happened at about 0300 BST.

It is the latest in a series of similar attacks on the US consulate building.

The politically motivated protesters also smashed a window which belonged to Sally and Derek Le Bert-Francis, who live in the neighbouring property.

According to the IndyMedia Scotland website, the attacks were carried out by an "anti-war coalition".

A posting, which was sent at 0228 BST, said the consulate had been targeted to "remind the people of this country that four years ago this week the US occupying forces fired on Iraqi protesters in Falluja, killing 17 and wounding 70 more".

A spokeswoman for the US Consulate confirmed that the incident had taken place and that it was being investigated by Lothian and Borders Police.

Officers have appealed for any witnesses to contact them.

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