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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 January 2007, 00:22 GMT
Finder of 'unknown bairn' buried
A retired postman who found the body of the "unknown bairn" on a Fife beach 36 years ago has been buried in the same cemetery as the youngster.

Ian Robertson, 74, died last week and was buried in Tayport cemetery, just a few feet from the child.

The boy's identity has remained a mystery since he was found in 1971.

Mr Robertson's wife Irene said it was their wish for her husband to be near the child he regarded as a part of his own family.

The unexplained death of the boy - thought to be aged between two and four - baffled police for decades and the case file has always remained open.

Numerous theories have been put forward to explain the mystery, including that he might have been aboard a ship visiting the Tay.

Nothing has been discovered to suggest he died of anything other than natural causes.

Over the years the case has attracted massive publicity, in print and on television and radio.

Mr Robertson and his family have tended the youngster's grave for three decades.

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