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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 July 2007, 14:01 GMT 15:01 UK
Standard Life issues share bonus
Flags at a Standard Life meeting
Standard Life has been listed on the Stock Exchange for a year
Edinburgh-based financial services company Standard Life is to issue bonus shares to investors who have held on to their investment for a full year.

The company has been traded on the Stock Exchange since its 4.7bn demutualisation on 10 July, 2006.

Investors will be given one share for every 20 they have held continuously from the date of flotation.

Standard Life will issue about 70 million bonus shares to about 1.7 million individual shareholders.

It will begin writing to shareholders from 23 July.

The average number of free shares awarded at demutualisation was 641, at the offer price of 230p.

The share price has since risen to 330p.

The average shareholder can expect 32 bonus shares, worth about 106 at the current value.

A Standard Life spokeswoman said: "The mailing to eligible shareholders is planned to begin on 23 July.

"The mailing will inform each individual shareholder of the amount of bonus shares they have been awarded."

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