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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 January 2007, 11:49 GMT
Seal pup washed onto town street
A seal pup which was discovered on land in Lancashire
A seal pup was found in a street in East Lothian
A young seal is receiving treatment at a Fife wildlife centre after being washed from the Firth of Forth onto a street at Cockenzie in East Lothian.

It is believed high seas carried the pup over a shoreside wall.

The seal was taken to the Scottish SPCA's wildlife centre at Middlebank outside Dunfermline on Saturday.

A spokesman for the animal welfare charity said the animal would be returned to the wild as soon as it was fit enough.

Lorraine Gow, wildlife assistant at the Scottish SPCA's Middlebank Wildlife Centre, said the pup was found at about 1310 GMT.

Seal 'scared'

She said: "On no account should people attempt to touch, pick up or take a seal home.

"Not only will the seal be scared, it could be harmed and it could also become aggressive.

"This particular pup may well have been ill as well as lost as it arrived weighing only 14 kgs, which is well short of the normal 40kgs.

"It will be here for a while and then cared for at Deep Sea World before we release it on the east coast."

Last month a seal pup which was found in a country lane in Lancashire was released back into the sea.

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