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'Crass' Buckfast sorbet shelved
Buckfast tonic wine
Buckfast has been made by monks at Buckfast Abbey since 1880
An award-winning ice cream parlour in East Lothian has stopped selling Buckfast sorbet, a "gimmick" which had been condemned by the justice minister.

Di Rollo of Musselburgh has been selling the sorbet to over-18s for six weeks after the new flavour was invented by one of its workers.

The parlour said it had been withdrawn because it was not selling well.

Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill, the local MSP, said its introduction had been "crass and insensitive".

Mr MacAskill, who represents Edinburgh East and Musselburgh, pledged to crack down on "irresponsible" alcohol promotions earlier this month.

Some things are just not funny
Kenny MacAskill
Scottish Justice Minister

He told the BBC Scotland news website: "Things such as this reinforce the problem. We should stick to exotic flavours of ice cream.

"Some things are just not funny. Scotland has a problem with alcohol, it's a well-known fact.

"Ice cream is to be enjoyed but frankly this is crass and insensitive."

Kevin Di Rollo, owner of the ice cream factory which supplies the shop, said: "We don't mean to offend anyone, its just a gimmick to keep interest in our ice cream, we're not trying to get kids drunk.

"One of the guys in the factory came up with the idea and said why not give it a try. It is quite nice, but I'm not a keen fan of Buckfast.

"The Buckfast sorbet took a trick at the beginning because it was new but it is not selling all that well now."

He said the shop was now stopping selling the flavour, which included real Buckfast and was only sold to over-18s because of its alcohol content.

Di Rollo of Musselburgh won first prize for its vanilla at the Ice-cream Alliance's National Competitions in 2006.

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