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Rare rhododendron to be unveiled
Rhododendron at RBG
The Rhododendron will be shown at the Gardening Scotland show
One of the world's rarest plants is to be unveiled at the Royal Botanic Garden (RBG) in Edinburgh.

Visitors to the glasshouses will be able to see a Malaysian rhodedendron, thought to be the only remaining example of the species in the world.

The plant is one of several threatened species held in the RBG living plants collection, which curators hope will help inspire Scottish gardeners.

The collection will also feature at the Gardening Scotland show in Ingliston.

David Mitchell, the RBG's indoor curator, said the RBG's mission was to "explore and explain" the world of plants.

Horticultural heritage

"This allows us to get people inspired about horticulture. What we really would like to do is to turn Scotland into a nation of gardeners, to be gardening the earth and looking after the earth.

"After all Scotland, has a long horticultural heritage," he said.

The RBG's exhibit at the Gardening Scotland show in June will be the biggest ever built by the organisation and Mitchell hopes it will help introduce its work to a new audience.

It is also hoped that the collection of threatened species from around the world will raise awareness about global warming.

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