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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 June 2007, 15:21 GMT 16:21 UK
Plea follows graffiti incidents
Tags have been daubed on houses in Bonnington

Police have appealed to the public for help after a spate of graffiti incidents in Leith.

Over the last two months, a number of "tags" have been repeatedly spray-painted on walls and street furniture.

It has prompted the police to issue photographs in a bid to find out if the public knows the identity of those responsible.

The slogans which have appeared most frequently are RENOS, OHKS and ZEBO.

'Pure vandalism'

Sgt Mark Rennie, from the Leith safer communities unit, said: "We are releasing the photographs in the hope that people will contact us to provide us with the names of those responsible.

"There is nothing artistic about spray painting tags on buildings, it is just pure vandalism and we are committed to stopping it in Leith.

"Those responsible must start to realise it is a crime and that someone suffers each time they do it.

"We are working with the anti-social behaviour team of the council to try and identify those responsible so that we can take action against them and are also in regular contact with the environmental task force in an effort to remove graffiti quickly to reduce its impact."

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