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Safe drinking message for women
Image of a girl drinking
Record numbers of girls are bingeing
Women are being warned by police to take sensible steps to be safe while out over the party season in Fife.

Look after your friends, do not split up and take a taxi home is the message from Fife Constabulary's Time2Act on Alcohol campaign.

Pub managers have also pledged to refuse to serve customers who have been drinking to excess and to remind them not to leave their drinks unattended.

There is about one report of indecency against a woman every day in Fife.

Drink spiking and drug assisted sexual assault do occur in Fife
Fife Constabulary

Ch Supt Andrew Laing

Police officers said it is known that in a number of these cases, the victim was targeted because she had been drinking.

The force's licensing spokesman Ch Supt Andrew Laing said: "The theme for women should be simple, don't get into a position where you may become vulnerable to crime through alcohol and a few common sense precautions could help you to achieve that and still enjoy yourself.

"Drink spiking and drug assisted sexual assault do occur in Fife. But we also know that excessive drinking, and the types of drink which are being consumed, are making people more likely to fall victim to attacks, whether it is assaults or sexual assaults."

The force is mounting intensive operations at nightspots over Christmas and New Year to deter and detect troublemakers.

Similar operations last year resulted in no sexual assaults in town centres over the festive period.

Tackle the problem

Steve Mudie, president of the Fife Licensed Trade Association, said he had also written to members urging them to watch out for customers, particularly women.

"Licensed premises staff have a part to play in helping the police tackle the problem by promoting sensible drinking.

"At this time of year, many customers will attempt to buy drinks across our bars after partying elsewhere.

"We have to maintain best practice by ensuring we do not serve drunk people, that our door staff take notice of customers entering and leaving the premises and that customers do not leave drinks unattended."

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