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Late motorcycle champion honoured
Jock Taylor
Jock Taylor was killed in an accident in 1982
A Scots world champion sportsman who died competing is to have a plaque to mark his achievements unveiled in East Lothian at the weekend.

Motorcyclist Jock Taylor was killed while sidecar-racing in Finland in 1982.

It has taken since then to set up a memorial which will go up in his home village of Pencaitland on Saturday.

The sport includes a rider and a passenger, the latter carried in a streamlined attachment to the bike.

He was a fantastic driver
James Neil
Fellow racer

The 1980 World Sidecar Championship winner's other successes included breaking the lap record in the Isle of Man TT event, which became infamous for its crashes.

But in a contemporary interview he explained why he was still drawn to the island.

He said: "It is a tremendous place to come to, it is one of the few challenges left for motorcyclists nowadays."

It was in 1982 that Mr Taylor, who was rated a competitive yet safety-aware rider, was killed in Finland at the age of 28.

His sister, Sheila Davidson, who lives in Pencaitland, can still recall the details.

Jock Taylor driving
Jock Taylor driving with a passenger

She said: "The weather had been very bad, it had been raining a lot and the circuit was actually a road but not a proper race circuit.

"He aquaplaned over the water, hit a post and when they were trying to get him out another outfit also aquaplaned and went into the back of him."

Members of the Pencaitland Community Council were responsible for instigating the addition of the Jock Taylor plaque to a stone cairn on the outskirts of the village.

Chairwoman Janet Basset said: "People coming in from the west side into our village will see this cairn with Pencaitland down the side and know we are very proud of him."

James Neil was an early sidecar passenger with Jock Taylor.

He said: "It was hard and fast most of the time. He was a fantastic driver. It was very exciting. It is a crying shame that he's not had the recognition he deserved."

Up to 200 people are expected to go to Saturday's commemoration.

They will include Jock Taylor's widow, Kate, fellow racers and biking fans.

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