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Pupils set up Anne Frank festival
Anne Frank
The 13-year-old hid in an attic in Amsterdam to escape the Nazis
A group of school pupils have set up an Anne Frank festival in Fife following a visit to the Auschwitz death camp.

The students, from Inverkeithing, Lochgelly and Balwearie High schools, formed the Auschwitz Experience Group after their visit to Poland last year.

It was set up to consider how the group could pass on what they had learnt from the visit to other young people.

The pupils have now organised a three-week festival and exhibition in Kirkcaldy, to begin in the New Year.

The interactive event, Anne Frank + You, will bring together three exhibitions exploring the themes of prejudice and intolerance through the words, images and experiences of Anne Frank, her family and Holocaust survivors.

We have been struck by the creativity and vision of the young people involved in the event
Paul Tyack
Anne Frank Trust UK

Anne Frank kept a diary detailing her family's attempt to evade the Nazis during World War II.

Mhairi Liddell, 18, one of the pupils who organised the event, said: "While we were there we learnt that, according to recent BBC research, 60% of people under 35 in the UK had not heard of Auschwitz and knew little about the Holocaust and the horrors of that dark period in human history.

"We felt that we should do something about that to remember and show respect to those who were affected.

"We also wanted to help young people and others living in these challenging times today become more aware of how important it is to never forget what a terrible time the Holocaust was."

'Social responsibility'

The festival has been funded by the local council, Adam Smith College, the Scottish Executive and the Anne Frank Trust UK.

The event will culminate in the Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration on 28 January.

Paul Tyack, from the The Anne Frank Trust UK, said: "We have been struck by the creativity and vision of the young people involved who have worked so hard to make this a truly memorable event."

Chancellor Gordon Brown, MP for Kirkcaldy, said: "I am particularly impressed that this whole festival, unique in its ambition, has been created through the enterprise, social responsibility, passion and creativity of young people from this area and that local services and organisations have responded to their ideas so enthusiastically."

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