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Signalling fault leads to delays
Waverly sign
Engineers worked for several hours to fix the problem
Hundreds of commuters were hit by severe delays after a signal failure at Haymarket train station in Edinburgh.

Trains travelling to Glasgow, Aberdeen and Fife were affected after signals at Haymarket turned to red following a system fault on Wednesday.

Engineers worked from 0830 to 1100 BST to fix the problem, while buses transported passengers to trains in Linlithgow.

Plans had been made to manually guide the trains through the lights.

Network Rail Scotland said it was working on transporting a backlog of passengers to their destinations.

A half-hour Edinburgh to Glasgow bus service had to be put in place, instead of the normal 15-minute service.

I was sitting on the train and we were all told by a cleaner that it wasn't going anywhere so we all got off
Rail passenger

An hourly service operated from Edinburgh via Fife, again by using buses to Linlithgow.

Business at the High Court in Edinburgh was among that affected by the fault, with a delay to proceedings in the Kriss Donald murder trial.

Passengers travelling to Prestwick Airport were also affected.

Trains running south from Edinburgh operated normally throughout the problem.

David Simpson, Network Rail route director, said: "The signal failure at Haymarket has caused severe delays to passengers.

"We are extremely sorry for this. Our engineers have now fixed the signal fault.

'Total disregard'

"As part of the Waverley redevelopment project major investment is being made in the signalling which services at Haymarket.

"The problems underline the importance of that work."

A passenger, who was attempting to travel from Waverley to Queen Street at 0920 BST on Wednesday, said the delays caused "chaos" in the station.

She said: "I was sitting on the train and we were all told by a cleaner that it wasn't going anywhere so we all got off.

"I had to cancel my work through in Glasgow because I was going to be too late."

Another passenger said it took her four hours to get from Lenzie near Glasgow to Edinburgh.

She told the BBC news website: "First treated the passengers with total disregard, being told one thing on the train, another at the station and another on the replacement bus service.

"No complaint forms were being handed out when I got to Edinburgh. When I left Linlithgow at 11am there were still around 200 people waiting."

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