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Father records gun-control video
David and Ozlem Grimason
David and Ozlem Grimason's son was killed by a stray bullet
The father of a Scottish toddler shot dead in Turkey three years ago has recorded a music video ahead of a gun-control rally in the country.

David Grimason's two-year-old son Alistair died after a gun fight at a cafe in the resort of Focca.

The song, Throw These Guns Away, was written by Ted Christopher as a B-side to the number one record released after the Dunblane tragedy in 1996.

It has been adapted by Turkish performer Nico, who lives in Edinburgh.

Nico's best friend was shot dead at university in Turkey.

Random gunfire

As many as 3,500 people in Turkey are shot dead each year.

Recently, a six-year-old boy killed his five-year-old sister after shooting her in the throat.

She had touched the trigger of a loaded and unlicensed gun which their parents kept in the house.

And a nine-year-old boy was injured as a result of random gunfire at a wedding ceremony.

A guest had fired a gun in celebration but hit the boy in the leg.

Alistair Grimason
Alistair Grimason was shot dead in his a Turkish cafe

It is estimated that there are seven million handguns in private ownership in Turkey, yet only one million are licensed.

Mr Grimason hopes the song and rally at the Izmir Fair, in his wife Ozlem's former home town, will have an impact on the younger generation.

The song and video, in which Mr Grimason sings the chorus, talks about the devastation caused by guns.

It is being sent to radio stations and TV companies ahead of the rally on 10 September.

Mr Grimason, who lives in Edinburgh with Ozlem, said: "We cut a record and decided to make a video along with it.

"We figured if we could get it on TV in Turkey it would highlight the problems there are out there.

"I'm a father of gun violence. I represent the victim. I believe I have a role, indeed an obligation to effect change in the way which people perceive the use of guns."

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