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'The Hawk' jailed for gun offence
Brian Martin
Martin hide in a Perthshire cottage after the incident
A criminal nicknamed The Hawk has been jailed for 10 years after he fired a shotgun in a man's home.

Brian Martin, 48, went to Richard Law's house in a dispute over 7,500 relating to a car he had bought.

Armed with a shotgun, Martin demanded money back from Mr Law at his house in Kelty, Fife.

Martin had earlier admitted at the High Court in Edinburgh discharging a shotgun in the house on 17 August last year.

Gun went off

The court heard that Martin went to speak to Mr Law and there was a struggle during which the gun went off.

Martin also pled guilty to attacking Mr Law by entering his home, detaining him and repeatedly demanding money and also to three charges relating to possession of the gun.

At the time of the offence Martin, from Ballingry, Fife, was out on licence from a 12-year prison sentence for assault, robbery and firearms offences.

Taking a loaded shotgun to someone else's house has to be regarded as a matter of the utmost gravity
Judge Lord Wheatley

Passing sentence, Judge Lord Wheatley, told him: "You may feel you have some cause for grievance in this matter, but what in essence happened is you took a loaded shotgun into the house of someone with whom you were in dispute.

"You got yourself involved in an altercation and in the course of that altercation the shotgun went off."

The judge added that what might have happened when the gun was discharged was "anyone's guess".

He told Martin he had a "dreadful" criminal record and said: "Taking a loaded shotgun to someone else's house has to be regarded as a matter of the utmost gravity."

And he told Martin that if he had gone to trial rather than pleading guilty the sentence would have been at least 14 years.

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