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Sign language lesson for deaf dog
Sign language dog
Johnny the Border collie learns sign language
A deaf dog has been taught sign language in a bid to find him a new home in West Lothian.

Border Collie Johnny became homeless two weeks ago after his owner died.

It is hoped the eight-year-old dog's new skills will make him more attractive to prospective pet owners who have been overlooking him.

Johnny knows six hand signals and commands, with "sit" and "come back" being the most important to keep him out of danger.

Susan Tonner, Dogs Trust West Calder Rehoming Centre manager, said Johnny's favourite hand signal was thumbs up, which means "good boy".

"Johnny is an absolutely fantastic dog. His deafness does mean that he will need a quieter home where he can establish a routine," she said.

"He would be perfectly suited to an older, perhaps retired couple who can really get to know this great canine companion."

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