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Monday, 24 July, 2000, 13:57 GMT 14:57 UK
Open security review promised
Fans crossing the Swilken Burn
Fans met resistance at the Swilken Burn
Officials have promised to review security arrangements at The Open after fears about the treatment of fans.

Millions of television viewers saw spectators being pushed into the Swilken Burn by stewards as they surged forward on the 18th fairway to see Tiger Woods clinch an historic victory.

Five streakers, the highest in the history of The Open, have appeared in court and been fined. Their antics will also be reviewed by officials.

Hugh Campbell, chairman of The Open championship committee, said the Royal and Ancient Club would be looking at film of fans coming head to head with stewards at the burn.

Female streaker
Four people bared all during the open
He said: "We did not see the coverage at the time. But I hear a lot of people were pushed, which is awful.

"That is unacceptable, and we will be studying the film in our review of the championship.

"We had many conversations about crowd control on the 18th and thought the Swilken Burn would be a natural hazard, especially with marshals forming a physical disincentive.

"We have had no complaints so far from members of the public, but we will look to see what we can do."

John Paramor, chief referee of the European Tour, said he felt frightened when the fans surged forward.

'Frightened on a golf course'

He saw the chaotic scenes first hand because he was officiating the final group of Woods and world number two David Duval.

The stampede at the final hole was captured on television, with one marshal seen brusquely pushing a young spectator backwards into the Swilken Burn, but Mr Paramor said the problems began on the 17th.

He said: "Duval had just played his second shot and suddenly you could hear people running onto the course.

"I don't frighten easily, but for the first time ever on a golf course I admit I was frightened.

Fans climbing on the scoreboard
Every available vantage point was used
"We knew there might be an attempt to break through the ropes on the last, but we didn't expect it at the 17th.

"There must have been thousands of fans who decided that they were just going to come through.

"I thought we were going to be manhandled, but I managed to push a few out of the way."

He added: "Tiger was all right because he was further down the hole with his own security people, but myself, another referee and a couple of Royal & Ancient officials had the idea to form a circle around Duval to protect him."

Special moment ruined

The final streaker, lap dancer Jacqui Salmond, 33, ran onto the 18th green and danced round the flag as Tiger Woods was about to complete his round.

He said afterwards: "It is a shame because I wanted to walk up there and have a special moment.

"To have that interrupted a little bit I did not really feel that great about it."

Mr Campbell said: "It's easy for a streaker to get on to a golf course. When you have to patrol 120 acres you are always going to be susceptible to the problem. I don't think they are a spontaneous act."

Peter Dawson, R&A secretary, added: "It's mindless, and the way I think to get rid of it is to ignore it."

BBC Scotland's Aileen Clarke reports
"Some fans were seen to be pushed back into the Swilken Burn"
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