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Salt supplies in many council areas are "extremely low"

Fife Council warned it was running out of supplies
Fife council has now received more supplies of grit

Many councils in Scotland have said they are running low on salt and grit, which has prevented them from treating the icy roads in the longest winter freeze for two decades.

At one stage Fife had completely used up its stock but a delivery of several tonnes of grit on Monday afternoon enabled gritters to head out again.

In Renfrewshire and North Ayrshire only priority roads were being treated, to preserve stocks.

In Dumfries and Galloway the reserves were described as "critically low."

The Scottish government has insisted there are "very substantial" supplies of salt and grit for Scotland's roads and it will be moved around the country to keep the roads treated.

But motoring groups predicted more travel misery as people return to work in the coming days after the festive break.

This is a summary of the grit supplies across the country.


A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council said stocks were "extremely low" but the council was expecting a delivery on Monday.

More than 4,000 tonnes of salt have arrived by ship at Aberdeen harbour, much of which is believed to be destined for Aberdeenshire.


The city council said supplies were satisfactory.


No spokesman was available to comment.


No spokesman for available for comment.


A spokeswoman said:"We have got about 100 tonnes of grit left and we're expecting new deliveries the day after tomorrow.

"That will be enough to get us through by the current forecast."


Stocks of salt for gritting roads in Dumfries and Galloway are reaching critical levels.

Council transport officials said there was less than two days' supply left as gritters worked around the clock to clear ice from key routes across the region.

In a bid to tackle the shortage, the local authority commissioned its own haulage contractors to collect and deliver new supplies from the salt mine in Wales.

The council leader was hopeful of meeting demands, but said the longer the cold snap goes on the harder it becomes.


No spokesman was available to comment.


East Dunbartonshire said they had enough for two or three days.


East Lothian Council said it had 180 tonnes of salt on Saturday but was expecting a delivery on Monday.


Roads services in East Renfrewshire said the council was focussing on its priority roads, but the council had enough stocks to keep going.


The council said there were no problems with supplies.


A spokesman for the council said it was "business as usual".

Gritting teams have been out treating roads and footpath routes again, paying particular attention to routes to school.

On Tuesday the councils will refill grit bins.


Fife completely ran out of its stocks of salt, meaning gritters were unable to treat icy roads.

A spokesman said the "most prolonged period" of freezing weather for 20 years had left supplies exhausted.

But on Monday afternoon a delivery of 250 tonnes of salt arrived in Fife, giving salt stocks a much needed boost.

The council said this would ensure the gritting of priority roads could continue on Monday night and Tuesday morning.


The city council reported no problems with grit supplies.


No spokesman was available to comment.


A delivery of salt was received on Monday and additional deliveries are scheduled from Wednesday onwards.

A spokesman said:"We have also organised extra snow-clearing equipment and our road crews are continuing to work day and night to try to keep priority routes clear and minimise disruption for our communities in the face of the heaviest snowfall in at least 25 years."


The council has enough supply for 10 days for its 36 gritters, with another delivery due at Buckie Harbour on Friday.


Supplies were "critically low" and the council was only dealing with priority roads and emergencies.

The authority is expecting more supplies in the next two days which should be enough until the end of the week.

After that the council said it is relying on orders which have been placed arriving in time.


The council said it is only gritting main routes but it is expecting a delivery in the next few days.


The council said it was running short of salt and was having to increase the ratio of gravel to salt the gritters are spreading.

It has received some salt from Shetland.


The council said it had sufficient supplies of grit.

A shipment of grit arrived in Perth on Sunday and a further shipment is expected next week.

A spokesman said gritting has continued throughout the winter period and careful forward planning has ensured there has never been an issue with grit supplies in the area.


Drivers and residents have been advised that gritters were concentrating on main routes in order to preserve their stocks, which are running low.

As a result secondary routes may be more hazardous than normal.

The council says it will not be in a position to salt minor roads or fill grit bins.

However it is expecting another delivery of salt tomorrow.


Salt supplies are very limited so the road gritting service is being devoted exclusively to the trunk and A road network.

A spokeswoman said the salt reserves had been heavily depleted and were not being replenished quickly enough, but the council is continuing to provide round the clock services to keep roads as free of snow and ice as possible.


Shetland Islands Council said fresh supplies were coming in later this week and that it had enough to last until then.


South Ayrshire Council said it had sufficient stock levels to meet its requirements.


No spokesman was available to comment.


Supplies are at a low level, but the council has enough to get through the weekend and more supplies are expected next week.


West Dunbartonshire Council said its salt supply was critically low at the weekend and that it also had only been gritting priority routes.

However it is expecting a large delivery of salt on Tuesday and it is gritting more routes more frequently.


No spokesman was available to comment.


The local authority Comhairle nan Eilean Siar said it had stocks of rock salt to last another few days and was expecting a fresh supply of 2,500 tonnes by the end

of the week.

Gritter crews have been giving priority to main routes.

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