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Your Flyglobespan experiences

A selection of your comments and experiences after Flyglobespan went into voluntary administration.

Passengers at Glasgow Airport
Passengers Jon Blakely and Neil Cochrane from Oban

Ross Muir, Dunfermline

"This is disgusting - I booked only 3 weeks ago for flights to Turkey in May - almost £500 - I do not use a credit card - I paid by visa debit.

"And I'm being told my money is gone. this was a Christmas present for the family."

Jenny, Edinburgh

"I think people seem to be forgetting here that hundreds of people have lost their jobs.

"Most of the holidaymakers will get their money back for your holiday - these people could be jobless for months!!

"So spare a thought for them as well, they're not exactly going to have a great Christmas are they?"

Mike Graham, Stirling

"Globespan reassured people there was no problem a few days ago. We were on the point fo buying flights and are so thankful we did not.

"How can Globespan take people's money for a flight in 2010 and now say the money is lost! This is a scandal - why can companies take a payment in advance and walk off your cash with impunity! What did they spend the money on?

"It's reminiscent of the Christmas Hamper scandal only ten times worse - advance payments should be protected no matter what you buy!"

Craig Sheridan, Great Ayton

"I paid for my flights with a visa debit card because of the totally excessive charges Flyglobespan (and nearly all other no-frill airlines) impose on credit card payments, and surprise surprise - no refund.

"This practice should not be allowed to continue."

Andrew Petrie, Edinburgh

"I have lost £1000 on my summer holiday flights however I still have a secure job.

"My thoughts go out to all members of Globespan staff who have just been delivered a horrible Christmas present.

"Where is the Scottish government's support at times like these? Devolution or devaluation?"

Neil Cochrane, Oban

"We drove down here last night to see if we could get any help but there was nobody about to help or give any advice and we got to the airport at 6.30pm.

"There should be more information for people like me. It feels like you are a bit high and dry."

Globespan flight cancellation notice
Passengers who did travel to airports were met by a cancellation notice

Mike in Cyprus

"Please spare a thought for those servicemen who have spent up to six months in the Falklands and were looking forward to their flights back home to family in the UK for Christmas."

Jacqueline in Cyprus

"I can't believe what's happening. I have just paid nearly £1,000 to have my family join me for Christmas. I have spent all the money I have and I can't claim a penny back. I have spent weeks preparing the house with decorations for my grandchildren for a special Christmas. I am so upset."

John, Dunfermline

"It's a disgrace. Only Tuesday they said there was no problem. Twenty-four hours later and our holiday is cancelled. Some Christmas for us and other ordinary hard working-class families who have saved all year for this."

Marguerite lives in Tenerife

"My son has been visiting us in Tenerife. He was due to fly back to Edinburgh where he is a student at the university. He just cannot afford to pay out again for an alternative flight. Passengers should not be held to ransom."

Katrina McBride, Fife

"My daughter and a number of other crew who work for Flyglobespan are currently based in Saudi and India - who's looking after them? Who will bring them home, when and how soon?

"We are currently in limited communication with my daughter who is in a state of panic, she has already phoned crying her eyes out worrying about what will happen, who will pay her hotel bill as she been working out there for almost six weeks?"

Tom Maguire, Prestwick

"I work as a senior cabin crew member for Flyglobespan.

"I have been with them for five years and they haven't even bothered to contact us.

"I'm completely devastated by this news the week before Christmas. I feel totally let down.

"There is nothing on the staff website, we're just hearing things through Facebook. No one has told me that I don't have a job."

Audrey Duncan, Edinburgh

"My husband and I were to fly to Faro at 9am tomorrow.

"I have had no contact from the airline as yet which I find disappointing. I'm sure there are staff who would be able to send an e-mail to customers like me in a very short space of time.

"I was rather shocked when I found out this afternoon when watching the news. I've now booked an easyjet flight instead."

Ralph Gerrard, Kirkaldy, currently abroad

"Hi we are in Lanzarote for two weeks - arrived on Sunday flying with Globespan. Just found out about Globespan from family back home.

"We booked through the website and do not know if we are covered to get home. Globespan have not contacted us to inform us, we are very worried now."

Dennis Paterson, Cullen

"I have 12 guys booked with Flyglobespan and fully paid for on 3 October for a golf holiday to Portugal.

"Don't know what will happen now. Paid by credit card so will see my bank soon."

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