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Glasgow by-election: Candidates

A Westminster by-election is being held in the seat of Glasgow North East in the wake of sitting MP Michael Martin's resignation from parliament and as Commons speaker.

Here are the declared candidates:


Glasgow North East - Charlie Baillie

Charlie Baillie has stood in two local elections and been a Euro candidate for the British National Party.

He also stood for Holyrood in 2007.

Mr Baillie went to school and was brought up in Springburn.

He said he knows the problems the area has only too well.


William Bain, who was born and grew up in the area, is fighting his first election as the Glasgow North East Labour candidate.

Glasgow North East - William Bain

The 36-year-old son of a former lift engineer and a payroll clerk was the first member of his family to go to university, and now teaches public law.

Mr Bain, the secretary of the Glasgow North East Constituency Labour Party, has promised that, if elected to Westminster, he will "never claim lavish expenses and never milk the system".


The 64-year-old former social worker is a South Lanarkshire councillor.

Glasgow North East - Eileen Baxendale

A campaigner for the rights of ethnic minorities, she has been a co-ordinator of the Castlemilk Churches Together Refugee Centre and secretary of the Scottish Churches Racial Justice Group.

She has promised to be a strong voice for the constituency at a time when faith in MPs is at an "all-time low".

She lives in Burnside with her husband and has several grown-up children.


Glasgow North East - Mev Brown

Mev Brown currently works in providing support for homeless people, and spent several years as a project worker at a drop-in day centre for the homeless.

Mr Brown, who enlisted in the Territorial Army in 1978, became active in politics because of his concerns over the "legality" of the Iraq war.

The former Unison shop steward, from Fife, has had a varied career, having also worked for Ferranti Defence Systems, an oil support company and spent several years recruiting NHS staff to work in America.


Dr Colin Campbell founded the Tilt Party based on the ideals of historical socialist politician Keir Hardie and Ramsay MacDonald, who was the first Labour prime minister.

Glasgow North East - Colin Campbell

The party says its members have a rich life experience lacking in many areas of modern politics and has hit out at "career politicians" who it says have done little to address issues, such as the level of national debt.

Dr Campbell, 58, has worked in a variety of areas, including agriculture and teaching, and, among his many interests, lists snowboarding, the origins of man and the universe and DIY.


A former BBC journalist, Ruth Davidson, was chosen by the Conservatives to fight the seat.

Glasgow North East - Ruth Davidson

The 30-year-old lives in Partick and has spent her most of her working life in Glasgow. She worked as a producer, presenter and reporter on BBC Radio Scotland before leaving to study International Development at Glasgow University.

The daughter of a former Partick Thistle player, she declared a keen interest in sport. She was a member of the Territorial Army before a back injury forced her to withdraw. She says she joined the Tories after the MPs' expenses scandal - and has challenged her opponents to fight a clean fight.


Environmental campaigner David Doherty will stand for the Scottish Greens.

Glasgow North East - David Doherty

The 24-year-old from Clydebank is convenor of the Dunbartonshire Greens and has campaigned in the Euro elections.

He is on the board of a building renovation charity in Glasgow and has identified housing as a key issue in the constituency.

His interests include cycling, hillwalking and cinema.


The 35-year-old former Big Brother runner-up, who is from Ayrshire, is currently working as a presenter for Insight Radio.

Glasgow North East - Mikey Hughes

Mr Hughes has been blind since an operation went wrong in 1998.

He has said he wants to become "the next David Blunkett", and has pledged to focus on representing those with disabilities, impairments and health problems.

He will not be allowed to broadcast on Insight Radio from 20 October to allow for a fair election.


Another former BBC journalist, David Kerr, is the SNP's man in Glasgow North East.

Glasgow North East - David Kerr

The 35-year-old, who holds a family connection and "deep affection" for the area he wants to represent at Westminster, is a former editor of Newsnight Scotland who more recently regularly appeared on Reporting Scotland.

He says he will speak out for communities and against gangs and council cuts for a safer community.

This is Mr Kerr's second crack at a by-election for the SNP, having represented the party in the Falkirk West contest of 2000.


Home care organiser Louise McDaid is a long-time workers' rights campaigner with the Socialist Labour Party.

Glasgow North East - Louise McDaid

She was previously the party's lead Scottish candidate, in the recent European Parliament election.

Ms McDaid also chairs the Farepak Victims Committee, which was established following the collapse of the Christmas savings and hamper company.

She is a firm opponent of the privatisation of health and education services and believes "that real socialist policies, which represent the best interests of the vast majority of people, are needed to address the economic crisis".


A veteran of campaigns against the poll tax and school closures, Kevin McVey has pledged to forsake the £64,000 MP's salary if elected.

Glasgow North East - Kevin McVey

Mr McVey said he would live on the "average skilled worker's wage".

He was once active in Labour's youth wing, but was expelled from the party in 1989.

He has been a civil service trade union representative for 20 years, and was brought up in the constituency, in Ruchazie.


Veteran socialist politician and campaigner Tommy Sheridan was born in Glasgow and came to prominence in the poll tax demonstrations of the 1980s and 1990s.

Glasgow North East - Tommy Sheridan

He has served as a councillor and spent two periods in the Scottish Parliament as an MSP.

The 45-year-old was co-convener of the Scottish Socialist Party before leaving to help form Solidarity: Scotland's Socialist Movement.

Mr Sheridan is currently studying law at Strathclyde Law School.


John Smeaton became a worldwide celebrity after tackling one of the Glasgow Airport bombers while working as a baggage handler and famously declared in an interview afterwards: "Glasgow doesn't accept this. This is Glasgow; we'll set aboot ye."

Glasgow North East - John Smeaton

Since the incident, Mr Smeaton said he takes a keen interest in politics. He has retrained in fisheries management.

He was born in Glasgow and his mother worked in the constituency for many years.

The Jury Team, which was founded earlier this year by the former director-general of the Conservative Party, Sir Paul Judge, backs independent candidates who stand for public office.

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